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KANZAN Spezialpapiere GmBh is ISO 9001 paper founded in 1990 is leading European Paper mill specialized in the production high quality Thermal Paper in types

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KANZAN works very closely with OEMs of hardware and system manufacturer and are approved for the varied applications. The product range of ~ 100 different paper grades ensures that you will always find the right paper for your application.

Labels, Baggage tags
Self-adhesive labels, e.g. for fruit and vegetable scales in the supermarket industrial labels, e.g. bar code systems, automated labeling, baggage tags at airports.

Entrance - Cinema tickets
Entrance tickets, Parking Tickets, Horse race etc.

Boarding pass
Flight tickets and boarding pass.

More and more lottery companies are offering on-line lotto, where the customer gets a receipt for the lotto coupon on thermal paper.

Parking tickets
Drivers obtain their parking-permission tickets from solar-energy driven ticketing machines.

The stamps are pre-printed, but the face value is printed thermally according to individual requirements.

Bank statements
Banks use this fast-printing technology for bank statements and receipts for withdrawals or foreign exchange.

Print out of wide-format plotter papers, e.g. architects' offices,
designer etc.

The classic application, today mainly in private use for fast, uncomplicated and inexpensive printouts.

KANZAN also produces quality Ink-jet papers highly specialized for high quality multi-colour printing on ink-jet printer.

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Write to us at : imports@indigo.in
KANZAN is Europe's leading supplier of an extensive range of thermal papers, inkjet papers and other special products.
Kanzan’ s quality and competence is characterized by our formidable technological innovative energy. Control, replicability and consistency throughout the entire production process are the guarantee for our high level of product quality, a level which sets the standards in our markets. Technical know-how and a deep understanding of customers' needs are the foundations for our high-quality and intensive customer service.