EpicEco Product Range
Epic ECO SKY Speed, first panelling system, made from fibreglass and plastic, meaning revolution novelty between worldwide formwork systems. Epic d.o.o., is with development new ceiling panelling system, become world leader developer on fibreglass and plastic panelling industry area.

Ceiling System is of four types depending upon the slab thickness upto 47 inches.

EpicEco Wall Systems
Composite Fiberglass formwork system EPIC ECO® provide comprehensive panelling with a single panelling system on the construction site, from the foundations to the roof. The system has good mechanical properties, for it can bear the load of up to 100 Kn/m2 of panelling. Composite & fiberglass formwork systems EPIC ECO were tried out by our users in the extremely environmental conditions. The panelling was easily carried out at the temperatures of -23 °C to 50 °C, where no damage was done to the panelling systems.


EpicEco Ceiling Systems